Banners are an inexpensive way to advertise and get your message out to the public and there are many options that you can choose from. There are different colored banners, banners that are two-sided with vinyl graphics applied and digitally printed banners that allow for complex designs to be printed directly on to banner material.

All banners available at Graber Letterin' are custom made and come in different sizes and weight based on your specifications. Banners can be made to fit on a table, hung from the ceiling, mounted on a pole, stuck to the wall or displayed in their own stand. Virtually any application can be accommodated. One of the main benefits of banners is their low cost and portability. The can easily be moved and/or transported to where they are needed.

For a few more examples of banners find them in our sign gallery.  

aluminum composites

When lightweight, high luster, durable signage is needed, aluminum composites are the substrates you should give serious consideration. Aluminum composites, alumalite, lusterboard, and polymetal consist of two sheets of high gloss aluminum sandwiching either a plastic center or wood center. They can then be finished off with edge-capping to prevent any moisture damage.

Because of the nature of their composition, aluminum composites are rarely used to create ornamental signs because of the needed edge-capping. However, when a sign is going to be mounted to the side of a building or solidly to mounting posts, any of the aluminum composites are a very good choice for substrate due to their durability, luster, light weight, and longevity.

There are numerous examples of aluminum composite signs in our sign gallery.  


MDO, or plywood signs as they are more commonly referred to, are the most versatile of all the signage. Because they are made of wood, MDO signs can be shaped into any design. They can be either a simple rectangle or they can be cut into a custom shape known as an ornamental. From simple rectangles to complex ornate shapes, MDO allows for a wide range of design options.

The most common application for an MDO sign is as a jobsite sign or an entrance sign where cost is of moderate concern. However, where MDO signs really shine is when a special design or shape is required. These ornamentals make very attractive signs and can be either one or two sided. Many of the signs you see around the area are created using MDO as a substrate.

If you prefer an unpainted substrate, PVC is another substrate that can easy be transformed into any shape that the design requires.  

There are more examples of ornamental signs in our sign gallery.  

coroplast / yard signs

When high volume - low cost is the key concern, coroplast/plastic yard sale signage is the excellent choice. Its low cost and ease of screen printing make coroplast the ideal choice when large quantities of a particular sign design are required. Coroplast comes in a variety of colors which allows for flexibility in color choice and design.  

Because coroplast has only a mild tolerance to exposure to the elements it is not recommended for signs that will have continuous exposure outdoors. However, because screen printed coroplast signs are so economical they are typically ordered in quantity and are generally classified as a "throw away sign". At Graber Letterin' we screen print most of the coroplast signs we produce although when requested we will apply full color digital graphics.

There are more examples of coroplast signs in our sign gallery



A unique and interesting look can be achieved by creating a 3-dimensional design by either combining different substrates on one sign or the use of formed or laser cut Gemini Letters. Gemini letters provide a wide variety of solutions for dimensional signage including the ability to custom form entire logos or through the use of special lighting effects. In the example above laser cut acrylic letters were cut, colored and then mounted directly to the wall.

Combining different substrates is a great method used to create dimensional signage. A typical application is a combination of MDO (plywood) and PVC. You can also combine Gemini lettering with any substrate as well.

There is more information on dimensional signage here and more examples in our sign gallery.


Sandblasted and carved signs are considered by many to be the elite in custom signage. At Graber Letterin', we use only the highest quality Allwood Cedar or High Density Urethane (HDU) in the construction of our carved and sandblasted signs. Recent technological improvements to the HDU has made that product very dependable and affordable. Its composition makes using it for a carved sign so popular because of the intricacy that can be obtained in a design.  
As the elite in signage, carved and sandblasted signs are typically a little more expensive than a regular plywood or aluminum sign. But what comes with that higher price is an exquisite sign that is very elegant. If you are looking for a sign that says class, style and professionalism, a carved or sandblasted sign in either HDU or cedar is a very good choice.

There is more information on carved/sandblasted signs here and more examples in our sign gallery


A most overlooked opportunity to advertise is on walls. We have wrapped walls of all types including cement block, drywall and painted walls. The wall above was wrapped with a high performance digital printed graphic that turned a bare wall into a multicolor indoor billboard. 

Wrapping is an excellent way to sign a business as it can be applied to virtually any surface from walls to vehicles. Wrapping can cover up a damaged wall or a painted surface and is a great alternative to repainting. Combining traditional signage with a wrap is a way to maximize your exposure.

We have wrapped trash cans to make them more identifiable and visible. And one of our latest offerings is fully wrapped garage doors taking advantage of space that otherwise would just be a plain whte door.

There is more information on wrapping and wall graphics here and more examples in our sign gallery.  


Dressing up a window takes advantage of a lot of extra square footage for advertising your business or event. In the examples above the Santander Arena is utilizing windows to promote upcoming events. These displays are printed on a new type of window graphic film that is not a vinyl or static cling. Instead it is a new product that is called a cling. With a bright white point it produces vibrant colors. It adheres to the window with tiny microscopic suction cups that easily keep the print in place. And it is reusable making it a versatile short term product. 

If a long-term solution is needed, then we can print direct to a long-lasting vinyl product that will provide years of service or we can create your design with high performance vinyl in solid colors. Another product is an etched vinyl that creates a beautiful etched glass look to any window or mirror.

There are more examples of window graphics in our sign gallery.