Window Graphics

Except for garage doors, windows are the next most neglected area for advertising. If you have a business that has store front windows in a trafficed area, you need to consider utilizing those windows and getting them working for you. There are many options for advertising on windows including vinyl graphics, static cling, view through vinyl and a new product called a window cling.  

The Cling

A new product that recently became available is a product known as a window cling. We use cling material manufactured by a company called GlassAdhere. This product uses what is called Molecular Gel micro-capsule suctions cups to adhere the product to the surface. This product is designed for use on glass, plexiglass, and metals. This technology allows for easy removal and virtually no residue.

As you can see from the example to the left and at the top of this page, this product produces very good color reproduction. While it is available in white, clear and frosted, due to our print limitations we only offer it in white.

Pros: • Easily removed and reusable • Leaves no residue when removed – easy cleanup • Print can easily be washed with glass cleaners • Water resistant and holds up well under windy conditions. • Fade resistant up to one year outdoor use • Phthalates, Glyco-ether and Formaldehyde free

Cons: • Only adheres to glass, plexiglass and metals • Does not allow light through • Not recommended for small text or very detailed contour cuts.   

Vinyl Graphics

The staple of the industry for years has been the vinyl graphic. With excellent durability for long term use the vinyl window graphic is perfect for graphics that will not change regularly like company logos and store hours. With laminated vinyl, and depending on your requirements you can expect from three to ten years of product life from printed vinyl.

The printed vinyl window graphic will offer very good color reproduction. 

Pros: • Longest lasting product • Print can easily be washed with glass cleaners • Excellent color reproduction • Allows for intricate cuts for text and numbers.

Cons: • Is NOT reusable • Can be difficult to remove after long term use • Can leave significant residue making cleaning of the window difficult • Does NOT allow light through

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View Through Vinyl

An option that is especially useful in vehicle lettering (as seen by the example here), but is also a great option for store fronts is View Through Vinyl. View through vinyl is vinyl that consists of a vinyl surface with small holes spaced equally apart. The vinyl comes in several options and which option is used is dependent on how vibrant the color requirement is and how much visibility is required. The typical options are 50/50, 60/40, and 70/30. The most popular option is the 50/50 arrangement.

If having light come through and you need visibility to the other side of the window, then the view through vinyl should be your choice.

Pros: • Allows for light to come through but will block direct sunlight. • Security! Allows you to see out but they cannot see in.

 Cons: • Is not reusable • Least vibrant color reproduction • Limited lifetime even with lamination • Not recommended for small text or very detailed contour cuts.

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