Dimensional Letters & Logos

One of the most dramatic type of signage, is a sign that is dimensional. Carved and sandblasted signs are a popular style of dimensional signage. But probably the most interesting and versatile is the formed dimensional letters or logos. There are many different styles of letters available and almost any logo can be recreated as a dimensional logo. The logo in the image above was created from brushed stainless steel. The word "Group" was laser cut out of the stainless.

Styles include formed plastic, injection molded, cast metal, cut metal, cut plastic, channel letters, laminated letters, fabricated metal, and cut acrylic. The letters and logos can be internally lit or back lit if necessary.

Have a custom logo? No problem! We can have any logo or design custom made. There are some restrictions but for the most part most logos can easily be recreated in the style you like. Special colors are no problem either. While we have the available standard letters we also can supply custom style letters as well.

In addition to the different styles available, there are also many different mounting options available. This allows for the installation of dimensional letters and logos on almost any surface, inside or outdoors. Stud mount, tape mount, and more are available.

As an added bonus, all our dimensional letters and logos come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. If any letter should break, crack, chip or fade it will be replaced under the lifetime guarantee.

SOME OF THE dimensional signs we have installed

Flat cut acrylic w/vinyl

This sign is made of flat cut acrylic with a custom pattern. The letters and logo are attached to the drywall surface with studs. The finish is flat to the wall. Vinyl was added to provide additional depth to the design.

indoors or outside

Gemini letters can be applied indoors (inset) or outside. The versatility of the styles and materials available make this possible. Two different mounting styles were used. Outdoors the logo is stud mounted and indoors is double-sided tape mounted.

accenting a monument

In this design, we combined two different styles of letters. The text is flat cut acrylic mounted with studs. The logo is formed acrylic and backlit with LED lighting. The logo is stud mounted with standoffs to provide accent and make room for lights.


The versatility provided by the many different materials makes for the opportunity to do large scale letters like in this example. All the letters in this design are over two feet tall. The entire design is stud mounted to a very uneven building surface.

using color

Text and logo combinations are no problem. Unique designs of logos are also no problem. The design on this building uses color in a formed acrylic to create this great looking tooth. The text is also formed acrylic and the whole logo is stud mounted.

Back lighting

Creating a special effect is accomplished with the use of back lit can letters. In this design the letters were fabricated aluminum letters with LED back lighting creating a halo-lit look. The letters were all stud mounted and spaced off the wall to provide distance for the halo lighting. The rail behind the letters, used to hide the wiring) was fabricated and painted to match the wall.